on how to order

Due to being frequently asked how to order, i decided to post this thread.

Simply follow these steps for the easiest experience on our website:

- Become a member.

- Locate the files you'd like along with the names.

- Hover over the members tab and locate which thread you'd like (ie: babyhair order thread or the hair texture thread.)

- Copy the example order for the thread (click HERE for babyhair example order) & input your information where designated.

- Inform us of your post to have your order processed immediately (through live chat, instagram [, allo.imvu, or] or on imvu Rabi@Imvu, Allo@Imvu, CronaMarley@Imvu or Kupli@Imvu).

- Wait for either Rabi or Allo to post the sticker or our link for you to pay with, and after we've received payment you will have the files sent to your email as soon as possible!

Hope this makes things a little more clear for first time customers!

If you have any further questions, please ask us in the live chat, thank you!

Rabi. 9/1/2018