welcome to OUR resell rights program information page!

In order to resell RBF© meshes you must meet the following criteria:

- A shop larger than 15 pages

- Level 5 creator

- Completely professional and drama free.

- All purchases of meshes will be made through sticker made with Rabi ONLY.

You will have full rights to the mesh but freebies will not be given to ANYBODY under any circumstances. Also, to avoid a massacre no refunds will be issued. Customers should always be under the impression that by purchasing said files they agree to the terms of sale. No products will be set to derivable by any party. You will be provided with rules to send to every customer, a wire map (for yourself or the customer to make babyhair) and a basic babyhair that you can choose to provide with each purchase or just to use as a guide to make your own (displayed in images below)!

Now with all of the ground rules out of the way, here's a brief introduction to how resell rights work within this group:


Simply apply for resell rights in the designated forum (you will have to sign up for membership to see it) and if you meet the criteria listed above, you will be approved. After said approval, you will inform Rabi of which mesh you'd like to resell. Once that has been established, Rabi will create a sticker with 35% of resell profit and you will derive from the sticker for customers to purchase your babyhair; for exmaple, if you wanted to resell RBF pre-2018 mesh which is sold for 55k, Rabi would get 19,250 credits from each sale (Imvu markup will be included in Rabi's 35%). The rest of the profit (35,750 credits) would be yours! You're able to set the sticker price to whatever you please at the end of the day because Rabi's profit will be 19,250 no matter what. ALL PURCHASES MUST BE MADE THROUGH OUR COMBINED STICKER AND FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL BE SUBJECT TO DMCA.

To get a better look at the rules & email structure for sending files click HERE

Users in resell rights program:
-Sus/ Hoover
Mesh quality will vary. Photos provided are unedited. Click on images for demos!


Rabi's Profit: 19,250 cr
Your Profit: 35,750 cr

late 2017

Rabi's Profit: 15,750 cr
Your Profit: 29,250 cr


Rabi's Profit: 12,250 cr
Your Profit: 27,750 cr